International Dieppe Kite Festival

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The International Dieppe Kite Festival


The festival will take place on the lawns of Dieppe beach from 8th to 16th of September.

The artistic theme of this new edition:

"Le monde du fantastique"/ "Fantastic World"

(The World of fantasy as in imagination)

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The festival took place on the lawns of Dieppe beach from 10th to 18th of September.

The theme of this new edition: "Les Arts Premiers"

The chosen theme this year was « ARTS PREMIERS » - aboriginal, indigenous, native, traditional and folk arts.

This French term (literally translated as « first arts ») doesn’t have one simple translation in English. Various terms are used to cover the diversity of traditional non-western art, known as « arts premiers ».

Australians and New Zealanders would say « aboriginal or indigenous arts », the North Americans may use « indigenous or native American arts », whereas Indians might talk of « adivasi, tribal or folk arts », « traditional and folk arts » elsewhere in Asia.

« Arts premiers » is central to this year’s festival, featuring for example in the creative contest, providing a theme for children’s activities and highlighted in entertainments. The kites of two indigenous peoples, the Maori of New Zealand and the Maya of Guatemala, have already been honoured in past editions. This year we seek to multiply the connections between kites and this diverse artwork that transmits special visions of life through bold and vibrant colours, motifs and styles, from all parts of the world.

Thanks to the Indian artist Dinesh Holla for his beautiful poster!


Canada honoured at the 2016 festival

 The festival on the seafront lawns from 10th to 18th September.

This year’s theme was « Arts Premiers » (indigenous arts)

This year Canada was honoured during the event’s 9-day programme. 

With an indigenous population of over one million and a unique and remarkable indigenous heritage, Canada was an obvious choice for the festival’s aim to stimulate links between kiting artistic creation and indigenous arts.

Canada and Dieppe - a close relationship

Soldiers, sailors and… kitefliers have all played a part in the long relationship between Dieppe and Canada

Canada holds a special place in Dieppe’s history.  During World War II the seafront lawns where the festival takes place was the site of the allied forces’ Operation Jubilee attack on 19th August 1942.  Five hundred years earlier, Norman sailors had gone off to fish in the waters of Newfoundland.  During the 17th century Dieppe became one of the most important ports for colonists leaving for “New France”.  In commemoration of the Canadian soldiers who died during the 1942 raid, a New-Brunswick city was named Dieppe.  
An exchange visit between the two cities in 2000 led to the signature of a friendship charter between the Acadian and French municipalities, with the kite festival chosen as an object of cooperation.   

With the support of the French team from "Dieppe Capitale du Cerf-Volant", the Acadian city launched its first kite festival in 2001.

Since then, cooperation has continued and "Dieppe Kite International" has become one of the most important kite festivals in North America.


A colorful festival

One of the main characteristics of the Dieppe Kite Festival is its international character with the attendance, to each edition, of about forty invited countries.

Every 2 years, there are eight hectares of lawn between the city and the sea which is available to the kite flyers and the public. This exceptional area forms a kind of natural amphitheatre.

Listed among the 300 biggest world events, in all categories taken together, this innovative festival presents all the kite disciplines. The best teams and acrobatic kite pilots, the best creative artists, but also a wide panel of traditional kites are faithful to go .

This free festival allows, thanks to many activities , to learn the construction within the framework of workshops, or piloting at sessions supervised by professionals. Specific activities are organized for the children, schools, and the underprivileged public such as the handicapped public . On the kite village, the contact with the official delegations is permanent.

This festival develops intercultural and innovative actions. It enables also to initiate an entire artistical work of creation and to promote world artists (sculpture, painting, music, etc.). The organizer team is also engaged in a reflection around the new technologies.

The festival of Dieppe, accessible to everyone, receive more than half million of visitors. It is considered today, given its international representation, as the biggest kite festival in the world. It provides the visibility and readability of the kite world heritage also the know which is linked to it.

The festival of Dieppe takes place every two years.

All inquiries to: Dieppe Capitale du Cerf-Volant - BP 142 - 76204 Dieppe Cedex - infos@dieppe-cerf-volant.org www.dieppe-cerf-volant.org

General organizer / coordinnator: Sandrine Frébourg



The Story of the Festival

September 1980: First kite meetings in Dieppe: participation of a half-dozen of European countries. The meetings will be renewed every two years.

1986: The 4th meetings welcomes for the first time delegations from distant countries: Thailand and China.

1988: The 5th international meetings are presented as "the biggest European event of its kind", with the presence of 17 foreign delegations and receive a media recognition.

1990: 21 represented countries, 120.000 visitors come to the meeting of 400 kitefliers on the lawns of Dieppe.

1991: Creation of the association "Dieppe Capitale du Cerf-Volant" whose goal will strictly be the organization of the International Kite Festival of Dieppe.

1992: 7th International Kite Festival. 22 countries are represented. There are a total of 500 kitefliers on the lawns of the seafront. The charms of this event is conirmed with more than 150.000 visitors.

1994: The 8th International Kite Festival confirms its position, it is the most important in Europe with 25 represented countries.

1996: The festival will reach a fame never yet ranked in Europe with 300.000 visitors, 140 invited kitefliers, 1.000 attendee kitefliers and 30 represented nations.

1998 : Dieppe welcomes the World Cup of Acrobatic Kite, the world record of flight in team as well as the World Cup of Fighting Kite.

2000: Dieppe celebrates the end of the millenium with the company of 34 nations .

2002: The festival reaches the 400.000 visitors . An innovative edition with the presence of Lithuania and Finland. An amazing show, colourful with giant kite representations, Balinese dances and musics.

2004 : On the theme of the Woman, the festival reaches its apogee with 450.000 visitors . An 18% increase of the attending is noticed. Dieppe welcomes for the first time Tasmania and Morocco (first Maghreb country represented in Dieppe).

2006: On the theme of Fauna and Flora, the festival exceeds more than half a million visitors. Dieppe emphasizes the protection of the environment with the support of Nicolas Hulot Foundation. The festival, with the help of a Maori team, reconstitutes and introduces their traditional kites for the first time in the world.

2008: Dieppe turns its seafront into a giant stave of wind. The kites from all over the world come to play their most beautiful melody tuned on air to a kite string. Like in each edition, the festival is declined through hundreds of colours, on the theme of music and sound. The invited delegations make the public discover traditional instruments and music from their country (e.g.: didgeridoo).

The Latin America, guest of honour: Papalote in Mexico, Barilete in Argentina and Guatemala, Volantín in Chile, Papagayo or Pavano in Nicaragua, Papelote in Honduras, Piscucha in Salvador and Nicaragua or also Cometa in many other South American countries (Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Uruguay), the kite is very popular in Latin America. Every country in Central and South America, has its own kite traditions. In 2008, the public could discover the inheritance linked with traditions and cultures from Latin America.

2010: Dieppe celebrates the 30 years of the festival. It is now ranked among the 300 largest global events. 44 countries gather for the event! Thailand is guest of honour and present the traditional kites: Chula Pakpao. The festival comes on the theme of "Flying Structures Not Identified."

2012: On the theme of the 5 elements, the festival maintains its leading position. The UK is brought to honor. "Pipe band", Irish dancers and traditional performances are showed on the scene. Dieppe hosts for the first time the Senegal (first country in Africa to present his kites on a festival in the world).

2014 : The Festival has welcome as guests of honour two nations, India and Indonesia.

2016 : Canada guest of honour. Theme : "les arts premiers"




Find here "le Petit Journal" of the Festival 2016

Samedi 10/09/16

Dimanche 11/09/16

Lundi 12/09/16

Mardi 13/09/16

Mercredi 14/09/16

Jeudi 15/09/16

vendredi 16/09/16

Samedi 17/09/16

Dimanche 18/09/16


Find here "le Petit Journal" of the Festival 2014

Thanks to Sarah Ferreira, Pascal Diologent, Erwan Lesné, Samuel Gros

and the team from the Communication Department of the City of Dieppe

Results of the Contests

Creative Kite contest 2014 : Luminescence.

Category experienced :

1st : Kadek Dwi Armika (Bali)

2nd : Jean-Paul RICHON (France)

3rd : Emmanuel DUBA (France)


Category 1st Participation :

1st : Henrich Homan (Germany)

2nd : Supryanto (Indonesia)

3rd : Walter Margrit (Switzerland)


Contest of aerial Photographs by kite 2014

1st : Daniel Zitzmann (Austria)

2nd : Christian Bécot (France)

3rd : René Maier (Austria)


Wind structure contest 2014

1st : Joël Goupil (France)

2nd : Patrick Guilbert (France)

3rd : A égalité Bob Cruikshanks (UK) et Marc Vanden Broeck (Belgium)


Junior Cup of fighting kite

Scotty (1st), Amaelle, Christopher and Teddy!


World Cup of fighting kite

1st - Jarro Axel (Brazil)

2nd - Nardo Siahaya (NL)

3rd - Tariq (Pakistan)

4th - Jaime Teixera (Brazil)

India and Indonesia - Guests of honour

Association loi 1901 - www.dieppe-cerf-volant.org - infos@dieppe-cerf-volant.org - 33 (0)2 32 90 04 95




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